Workshop ‘Observing as an outsider’

The text below is a draft translation from Dutch and still needs to be edited.

In this 2-day workshop you will make a start with Next Level Learning, a transformative form of learning. Although "transformation" is a word often used for rapid and substantial development of ourselves, for most people it is difficult to imagine what transformation really means and those who have experienced it have difficulty describing it. The words that are often mentioned in describing it, without the superlatives which are often used, are inner stillness, freedom, relaxation, connected, energy, creativity, liveliness, effortlessness, etc etc. And not only the transformation itself but also the way to get there is intangible. Therefore this workshop is not only to gain (in)sight and experience of the transformative effects of Next Level Learning, but also to gain (in)sight into the (understandable) path with a tool towards it, Next Level Learning for every moment in daily life.

The workshop in short

In this workshop you will do two types of exercises by which you achieve Next Level Learning. A basic exercise described at the end of the tool and an exercise aimed at observing yourself as an outsider as described in the book “Consciousness upgrade”. In this workshop you will not work with your own themes, feelings or other issues that you want to keep for yourself, but everything you do is aimed at achieving Next Level Learning. After the workshop you will be able to progress with Next Level Learning to arrive at the (transformative) results as described on the homepage.

After the workshop

In fact, by participating in this workshop, you opt for a consciousness upgrade and thus starting with Next Level Learning as described on the home page. This is impossible to imagine in advance, simply impossible, but several month after the workshop the (transformative) results will be very noticeable. There are also side effects and pitfalls that are just as impossible to imagine, you can read all about it on the "results and side effects" page. To prevent the pitfalls and minimize side effects you can use the guidelines in the book “Consciousness upgrade”.

Workshop or transformative programme?

For those who potentially benefit most from Next Level Learning in the area of own movement and physical well-being, the consciousness upgrade of this workshop is often not sufficient to start with Next Level Learning. This concerns people with, for example, a lot of (physical) tension, burnout, depression, extreme fatigue or physical complaints or disorders related to tension such as cramps, reduced functioning of the immune system, etc. In these cases the consciousness upgrade has to be approximately twice as strong as in the workshop to get a good start of Next Level Learning. A transformative programme has been developed for this. If in doubt which route is suitable for you, you can contact us.

Practical information

This 2-day workshop consists of 2 consecutive days from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

This workshop is given by partners of CVOP as described on the page about partners. The partners determine the price and location.

A number of conditions apply to participation in this workshop such as:

  • You are between 20 and 63 years old. Between the ages of 50 and 63, participation is only possible on the basis of a short (telephone) intake interview.
  • You do not use drugs that affect the functioning of the psyche.
  • You have gone through the tool for Next Level Learning and you are able to perform the exercise stated at the end of it on page 51.

For all conditions see the general terms and conditions at the very end of this page.

Participants must have the book "Consciousness upgrade" in their possession.

If you are interested in this workshop you are welcome to contact us.

Independent learning is a very practical alternative to the workshop.