Results and (side) effects

The text below is a draft translation from Dutch and still needs to be edited.

The results of Next Level Learning are technically described on the home page and to give you more idea of ​​what this looks like in practice, I will first give an exemplary example below.

After a few months a participant told me that one day while he was biking to the train station for work he suddenly saw the world around him differently, as if he saw it for the first time, he could really see it, as if a blinding or screen had fallen away between him and the world, his inner world was silent, he was completely in the moment with what was there. It was a wonderful experience for him as he knows that place very well, he comes by that place every day and suddenly he sees it in a new way. This happens in some form to every participant. Everyone is going to experience a "new" reality at some point, which they thought they already knew. Most of them come up with poetic descriptions, as it is impossible to express in words. My best estimate is that a year after the workshop most of the participants experience their inner world to be so quiet for most of the time and that they see much more of the actual reality as it is, which I refer to as the 'shared perspective' on the homepage.

Below you will find a description of the results and the (side) effects of Next Level Learning. The text in italics is a repetition of the text on the homepage.

Shared perspective

Anyone who uses Next Level Learning to look at a particular issue, situation or case will see it from a shared perspective. Thus bringing together viewpoints that usually seem incompatible. An example of this can be found at the end of the tool, about how to solve tensions and conflicts in the world with Next Level Learning. This shared perspective can help us to see new possibilities and actual solutions to very complex issues. In practical terms, this means, for example, that new openings and opportunities become visible when there is tension in the pursuit of an (unattainable) goal. The goal might be related to business in the form of entrepreneurship, collaboration, and restructuring, or related to your personal life in your relationship, your children, your own development, etc.

The above result means that practically you will see a problem, situation or case from a different perspective with Next Level Learning than you did before and that could cause a (major) change in what you see and how you respond to it. This is not only a change with respect to your own past but also in relation to others, such as your partner or colleagues. And without having done the exercises with the tool, others cannot see your new perspective because, as the tool shows, others cannot grasp what you try to explain about your new perspective. The only way that others will ‘see’ the same as you do is that they start with Next Level Learning for example by participating in a workshop.

Transformative result

With Next Level Learning, we can dissolve feelings and thoughts that are accompanied with tension such as guilt, rejection, fear, loneliness, worries, compelling control, avoidance, etc. Dissolving these not only means that we learn much more easily, but also that we have more free energy (because the tension in our body also resolves). The tool shows that through this we learn with body and mind, or, as many who have experienced this express it, becoming one with ourselves. This creates inner stillness, independent of the circumstances. In practical terms, it means, for example, that we are more relaxed in our daily life and work, resulting in a greater feeling of being connected, inner freedom, peace, energy, liveliness, creativity, effortlessness, etc. This is probably the essential basis for leading ourselves and others through the transition and turbulence of this 21st century.

With the above transformative result, psychological and physical tension will dissolve (much) faster than before. And the more you apply Next Level Learning to a certain tension, the less it will occur and after a while it will be gone forever. If certain tension related themes begin to resolve completely, such as guilt or loneliness, then a physical relaxation reaction will occur because the chronic tension that has been build up will diminish. For example, feeling guilty that is accompanied with tension on the stomach will no longer occur and the stomach will be free from this chronic burden and the chronic tension will diminish.

In the period that the chronic tension diminishes, the body can exhibit oversensitive reactions. For example, the stomach is sensitive for a while, easily irritated and your appetite changed. Typically, irritations and allergies occur during this transition period until the body part has regained its original condition. How long this transition period lasts can vary between a few weeks and a few years. And also the transition symptoms and the extent to which they occur are enormously different for each person.

It is difficult to estimate how long after the start of Next Level Learning the chronic tension in the body starts to diminish and the above-mentioned transitional symptoms will occur. In general can be said that the more current tension there is in the years before you start with Next Level Learning, the bigger chance that they will occur. For example, if you have little tension and you start with a workshop, then then the chances are little that chronic tension in the body start to diminish immediately. And another example, if you have a lot of tension such as when applying Next Level Learning for treatment of a depression, then you know for sure that chronic tension will start to diminish and this is expected already to occur during the transformative programme.

Pitfall related to the (side) effects

Finally, there is another pitfall for those who want to achieve Next Level Learning by independent learning. The psyche is going to turn against the learning process as described on the page for independent learning and there you can also read how to prevent yourself from getting stuck in this pitfall.

More information and support

In the book "Consciousness upgrade" you can find much more information about the results and (side) effects of Next Level Learning.

For support, personal guidance or questions about the above, see the Support, guidance and consultancy page.