Programme 'Transition to freedom'

The text below is a draft translation from Dutch and still needs to be edited.

This programme is intended for those who want to guide and lead others from the next level.

Guidance from the next level

With Next Level Learning we independently achieve results at the next level. We also come to psychological freedom, own movement and physical well-being as described on the application page. If we get trapped in the learning process of Next Level Learning, actual guidance can help us to get back into the flow of the learning process so that we can, for example, continue learning, find our own movement or have a physical cramp resolved. In terms of Next Level Learning, the role of a guide is someone who looks at where we are (trapped) in the process, clarifies this and indicates what we could do to get back in the flow of the process. As the tool shows, the guide observes us as an outsider and thus sees where we are blind in our own process. Therefore, in terms of Next Level Learning, the guide is someone who is a participant observer. Participant observing is a very effective and short way to guide somebody and experience shows that this observing can often also take place by email or telephone in every application and for all types of guidance, such as by a psychotherapist, body therapist, consultant, coach, teacher, trainer etc etc.

Actual leadership

With Next Level Learning we come to new possibilities and real solutions for complex issues that we are blind to without Next Level Learning, as you can see at the end of the tool. With Next Level Learning, for example, we can see solutions for the conflicts and climate problems in this world. Even if we see these solutions ourselves with Next Level Learning, they can still not be seen and heard by people who have not started with Next Level Learning, as if they are blind to it. If we see and know this, we can actually lead others in a transition to a better world that is invisible to them. In this way, anyone can initiate a transition based on Next Level Learning in their own work context whether you are an entrepreneur, researcher, manager, director, teacher, coach or employee. It is actual leadership from the role that you already have.

How and what

This programme will be given by partners of CVOP as described on the page about partners. The partners determine the number of days, price and location of the programme.

A number of conditions apply to participation in this master programme such as:

  • You are between 20 and 70 years old.
  • You have achieved Next Level Learning
  • You do not use drugs that affect the functioning of the psyche.

To assess whether your level of Next Level Learning is sufficient, you will get an intake interview upon registration.

For more information and all conditions see the terms and conditions below and the page on this website about "Results and (side) effects".

Participants must have the book "Consciousness upgrade" in their possession.

If you are interested in this programme you are welcome to contact us.