Partner in application and research

The text below is a draft translation from Dutch and still needs to be edited.

On this page you can read how you can realize a transition to Next Level Effectiveness in an organization, how you as a partner can guide other organizations in such a transition and how you can become a partner in research into new potential impactful applications.

Next Level Effectiveness for organizations

Organizations that want to take a step towards Next Level Effectiveness can offer many applications, such as leadership, coaching, entrepreneurship, mediation, well-being, prevention of burn-out, career services, by offering one workshop to their employees. In addition, there is a community model for both the workshop participants as well for those who want to start without the workshop with Next Level Learning. The community model ensures a smooth transition towards Next Level Working throughout the organization. So it can start very small by making time and (a) space available as an organization for activities as described on the community page.

Becoming a partner in application

The 2-day workshop can be offered within the own organization and therapists may offer it to their own target group if suffient people from the organization have taken part in the master programme. Anyone who wants to offer Next Level Learning (also) outside their own organization or for therapists outside their own target group can become a partner. This is especially applicable for universities and consultancy organizations in business services. Partner organizations can independently offer workshops with the corresponding community model. Those who are interested in becoming a partner organization are welcome to contact me.

Becoming a partner in research

You are also welcome to become a partner in research into impactful applications where Next Level Learning could be a breakthrough treatment, in particular in the area of own movement and physical well-being. It concerns people with, for example, a lot of (physical) tension, burnout, depression, extreme fatigue or physical disorders that are related to tension such as cramps, reduced functioning of the immune system, etc. For two potential highly impactful applications I have looked at what the effects of Next Level Learning might be. To study this further I have developed a 7-daytransformative programme as a basis for preliminary research. On the relevant page and the page of the workshop you can read all about it.

Partners are, for example, organizations, businesses, independent professionals or scientists who want to contribute, invest or collaborate to make this approach based on Next Level Learning practically available and known to everyone. Partners can also carry out the transformative programmes themselves if enough people from the organization have taken part in master programme.

You are welcome to contact me for an exploratory meeting if you are interested in becoming a partner in research.