Independent learning

Below you find how you can achieve Next Level Learning by learning independently.

Independent learning to achieve Next Level Learning

The most essential and practical thing you can do to build up meta-consciousness for Next Level Learning are the exercises you can do with the tool that are described at the end of it. By repeating these simple exercises, meta-consciousness will increase and once it has risen above a crucial level, it will increase even further by itself. Until this crucial level is reached, the consciousness that has been built up can also decrease again and eventually vanish completely. What makes matters even more complicated in this phase, is that the psyche will turn against building up consciousness. This can manifest itself in all kinds of ways but mostly it will be directed at the tool and the process with negative feelings such as resistance, irritation and thoughts like “I don’t believe it.”, “I already know it.”, “It doesn’t make sense.”, etc.

The exercises to build up meta-consciousness are fairly simple to do, but only work if you do them together with someone else, such as partner, colleague, friend, etc. What you further need if you do the exercises without the guidance of a workshop is a conscious choice to get through this phase where the psyche works against building up meta-consciousness.

First make a conscious choice

WWhen you have made the choice to achieve Next Level Learning with independent learning, you first have to find another person with whom you can do the exercises with the tool. Or you can also do the exercises individually using the book "Consciousness upgrade" as described at the bottom of this page. Although the tool and the description of the exercises are in English you can do the exercises in your native language. The basic exercise you are going to do is explaining to each other or yourself what you see in the tool about the workings of the human psyche in general. All the exercises that you will do together are not about your own themes, feelings or other issues that you want to keep to yourself and it is certainly not necessary to tell the other person why you want to achieve Next Level Learning. Everyone has their own reason, such as learning at the next level, interest in a scientific view on the human psyche, well-being of body and mind, experiencing a consciousness upgrade etc etc. The only thing required is the will to practice the exercises with each other as described below.

Practical guidelines

To be reasonably certain that you arrive at the crucial level of consciousness, it is important to follow a number of guidelines. Based on experiences with exercises in the workshop, my best estimate is to do the following:

  • Do the exercises together with another person at least four times, for 2 hours each time, see the description at the end of the tool (on pages 51-54)
  • Allow a maximum of two days between the days that you practice together (therefore, the entire process will take a maximum of 10 days)
  • Do the basic exercise and the variations of it as described on pages 51-54 of the tool in each session in the order in which they are described. When you have finished an exercise successfully, go on to the next. If you don’t, go back to the basic exercise on page 51.
Preferably you do the above exercises in your native language.

After the consciousness upgrade

After the consciousness upgrade, consciousness will continue to increase automatically. This process will not be visible, but after a while its transformative effects will be experienced by everyone in many different ways. For most people this will occur between a few months to a year after the consciousness upgrade. For example, after a few months I heard someone say that “drama” can no longer exist in his mind, another person told me that she experiences a feeling of “looseness” in her body.

In the book "Consciousness upgrade" you will find explanations, guidelines and exercises to achieve maximum results with Next Level Learning, to speed up your transformation and to minimize the side effects as described on the page "Results and (side) effects". For more information about this, also see page 56 of the tool.
With regards to speeding up your transformation and finding your own movement and increasing physical well-being in special (see page on applications) you can read the chapter on 'Pursuing a goal'. While reading, check if you immediately understand everything in this chapter without thinking. If that is not the case, go back to an earlier chapter in the book that discusses the passage that you do not immediately understand. When you think you fully understand this, start reading the chapter about pursuing a goal again from the beginning. Repeat until the entire chapter is immediately clear. If this exercise is (still) difficult for you, wait a few months and then try again as you will see that it gets easier when more time has passed since the consciousness upgrade.

To get a view of the transformative effects that will occur after the consciousness upgrade, you can record a short video of yourself before you begin the sessions mentioned above and watch this video in the days between sessions and (long) after. In the following way:

- Record yourself with your smartphone while talking about a recent situation in which you felt tension. Make the recording no longer than 3 to 4 minutes and zoom in on your head-shoulders to maximize it on the screen.

- Before watching the video do the exercises as described on pages 69 and 103 of the book "Consciousness upgrade". The first time you do this is the day after the first session at the earliest.

It is useful to keep this video for at least a year and watch it occasionally.

Check before you start:

Check whether you meet the following conditions before you start with independent learning:

  • You are between 20 and 63 years old and you have read the text at the end of the tool about the effect of age on the ability to gain consciousness for Next Level Learning.
  • You do not use drugs that affect the functioning of the psyche.
  • You are not depressed, extremely tired, burned out, extremely tense and you have no illness or disorder that causes tension. When in doubt about this, read more on the page about the transformative programme.
  • You have read the page "Results and (side) effects".
  • You are in the possession of the book "Consciousness upgrade".

If you want to start with independent learning to achieve Next Level Learning, but you do not meet the above conditions, for example because you are older than 63 or you take very small amounts of antidepressants, you can request an intake interview to assess whether independent learning is a suitable path for you.

The free use of the tool for Next Level Learning falls under the general terms and conditions of CFUP which you can find at the very bottom of this page.

If you are wondering whether independent learning is suitable for you or if you have questions about the above or need personal guidance see the page about support.

Individual learning

The above exercises with the tool can also be done individually by using parts of the book "Consciousness upgrade" that are specifically meant for this. Individual learning is still at a pilot stage. The exercises can be found on the subpage "Individual Learning".

A next step

After you have done the above excercises you can form a community to achieve next level living & working. For example with people you already know in your network who have already gone through the consciousness upgrade, such as with whom you have done the exercises. Together you can contribute to a transition to a better world.