Independent learning

Find below how you can achieve Next Level Learning by learning independently.

First make a choice

The most essential and practical thing you can do to achieve Next Level Learning is doing the exercises with the tool that are described at the end of it. There are two options for independent learning, you can do the exercises by yourself or with someone else. How to do the exercises (with the tool) with someone else is described on this page under "learning with someone else". To be able to do the exercises with the tool by yourself, you also need parts of the book "Consciousness upgrade" that are intended for this purpose. See "Learning by yourself" at the bottom of this page.

Practical guidelines for learning with someone else

If you have chosen to learn with someone else, you first have to find someone, for example a partner, colleague, friend etc. who has not yet done these exercises.

To be certain that you arrive at the crucial level of meta-consciousness, it is important to follow a number of guidelines and do the following:

  • Do the exercises together with someone else at least four times, for 2 hours each time, see the description at the end of the tool on pages 51-54 (so in total you do 4 sessions of 2 hours).
  • Allow a maximum of two days between the days that you practice together (therefore, the entire process will take a maximum of 10 days)
  • Do the basic exercise and the variations of it as described on pages 51-54 of the tool in each session in the order in which they are described. When you have finished an exercise successfully, go on to the next. If you don’t, go back to the basic exercise on page 51.
Preferably do the above exercises in your own language.

You will achieve Next Level Learning automatically

After you have done the above exercises, you will automatically achieve Next Level Learning over time. You don't have to do anything for this anymore. This is a process that is not directly visible, but after a while you will experience the results as described on the page "Results and (side) effects". For most people this will occur between a few months to a year after doing the above exercises.

Maximum result

In the book "Consciousness upgrade" you will find explanations, guidelines and exercises to achieve maximum results with Next Level Learning, to speed up the results and to minimize the side effects as described on the page "Results and (side) effects". For more information on how to achieve maximum results see page 56 of the tool.

With regards to speeding up the results and minimising the side effects you can read the chapter on 'Pursuing a goal' in the book ‘Consciousness upgrade’. While reading, check if you immediately understand everything in this chapter without needing to reflect on it. If that is not the case, go back to an earlier chapter in the book that discusses the passage that you did not immediately understand. When you think you fully understand this chapter, start reading the chapter about pursuing a goal again from the beginning. Repeat until the entire chapter is immediately clear. If this exercise is (still) difficult for you, wait a few months and then try again and you will see that it gets easier when more time has passed since you have done the exercises with the tool.

Check before you start:

Check whether you meet the following conditions before you start with independent learning:

  • You are between 20 and 63 years old. Above the age of 63 it is only possible to learn by yourself (but not with someone else), read the text on the influence of age at the end of the tool.
  • You do not use drugs that affect the functioning of the psyche.
  • You are not depressed, extremely tired, extremely tense, burned out and you have no illness or disorder that causes tension or pain.
  • You have read the page "Results and (side) effects".

The free use of the tool for Next Level Learning falls under the general terms and conditions of CFUP which can be found at the very bottom of this page.

Learning by yourself

The above exercises with the tool can also be done by yourself using parts of the book "Consciousness upgrade" that are specifically meant for this. The exercises can be found on the subpage "Learning by yourself".