Community for Next Level Learning

The Community for Next Level Learning offers an opportunity for everyone to achieve Next Level Living & Working with others.

Next Level Living & Working

Everyone who has achieved Next Level Learning will see and experience the world in a new way. Although this is essentially unimaginable, we can get a feel for what will change in how we see and experience ourselves and others. With Next Level Learning we feel more relaxed, still, free, lively, creative etc etc. and therefore we are also more connected with each other (versus alienated), in contact (versus distant), in peace (versus in conflict) etc etc. This will change how we live and work together in a big way. This next level of living & working will automatically come into a community of people who have started with Next Level Learning.

Forming a community

Everyone can form a community with others who have also started with Next Level Learning. A community will most likely start from a common area of interest, such as a personal relationship, friendship, the organization where you work, your profession, what you want to achieve in society or work, your study, your research, what you want to create, etc. etc. And in a community based on Next Level Learning we can reach even more results and transcending insights because we can ‘see’ much more. Together we can overcome the blind spot we have inherently to our character. This can lead to new solutions and transitions to a better world that are inconceivable.

Transition to a better world

A phenomenon that occurs automatically is that we take over consciousness from each other. When a person who has done no consciousness upgrade joins a community of ten others who have, he will automatically reach the same consciousness upgrade. No effort is needed on his side. And very young children of parents who have gone through the consciousness upgrade will automatically come to the same consciousness upgrade. These children will experience much more psychological freedom, own movement and physical well-being as described on the page about applications. Their teens will be completely different from puberty as we know it and they will see new solutions to the current challenges in this world. You can read more about this in the book "Consciousness upgrade".

Umbrella community

As the umbrella Community for Next Level Learning grows you will be able to find other people in your area of interest who want to take the step towards Next Level Living & Working and building a better world together.

You can easily become a member of the umbrella Community for Next Level Learning by joining the linkedin group "Community for Next Level Learning", see this link. This community has started off in September 2019 and is still very small. You are welcome to join us.