Applications 'A journey of discovery'

Latest update: 8 December 2019

To make Next Level Learning practically usable in all sorts of applications, I embarked on a journey of discovery that everyone can participate in and about which I report on this page.

3 Areas of application

Besides that we get a real grip on our learning process with Next Level Learning and thereby learn and discover at the next level as described on the homepage there are three areas of application that can be distinguished with regard to learning processes that concern ourselves: psychological freedom, own movement and physical well-being. Below you will find a short description and a number of examples.

  • Psychological freedom: This is essentially the basis of Next Level Learning with regard to ourselves and application examples in which this is important include leadership, entrepreneurship, coaching, therapy, relationship, mediation, scientific research and education, career services, wellbeing, preventing burnout, etc etc.

  • Own movement: A theme that becomes central to life for many people is finding one's own movement, what we want in life, finding the energy in what we do, expressing ourselves, being creative, experiencing meaning, living from inspiration, intuition, passion and so there are probably many other words for it that I myself all summarize as 'own movement'. And this own movement may even disappear completely or become negative, such as in depression, burnout, extreme fatigue, etc.

  • Physical well-being: With Next Level Learning we can resolve actually present and chronic tensions and thus we cannot only influence the tension in the body, but indirectly also for example the immune system because, as science has already shown, tension has a major influence on that. In this way, with Next Level Learning we have potential influence on a whole range of physical problems, diseases and disorders related to tension.

Learning programmes Next Level Learning

If you want to experience the transformative effects of Next Level Learning for themselves, discover new applications, explore its unthinkable possibilities or, in other words, if you want to start with Next Level Learning, can do the exercises with the tool that are described at the end of it. Easy and practical steps to do this are described on the page "Independent learning". Those who want more guidance, can participate in the 2-day workshop described on this website. Either way there is the possibility to go even much further with a Community for Next Level Learning as you can read below. In addition you can use the guidelines described in the book "Consciousness upgrade" to achieve the results of Next Level Learning in every moment of daily life.

A more intensive learning programme has also been developed for those who have a lot of tension and want to achieve transformative results in a relatively short period of time. It consists of a learning programme of 7 days spread out over about 2 months and then there is community learning in the same way as described above. This programme is certainly necessary if within a short time the transformative result is desired in, for example, the areas of application "own movement" and "physical well-being" as described above or if you have had (a lot of) tension for a long time and want to reduce that substantially. All info about this 7-day programme can be found on the 'Transformative learning programme' page.

And for those who, for example, want to offer their own Next Level Learning learning programme for certain applications, there is the Master programme "Transition to freedom".

Next Level Living & Working

By starting with Next Level Learning you essentially tackle all the above applications at the same time and actually you can no longer speak of applications. With Next Level Learning you go to the next level of living and working. Although this cannot be imagined, this is already a reality in the Community for Next Level Learning. And on the page about it you can also read that anyone can form a community with others who have also started with Next Level Learning. This will often start from a common point of departure, such as the organization where you work, what you want to achieve in society or work, what you study, what you research, what you want to make, create, etc. etc.

During the first year after the workshop, chronic tension will diminish in the body for all participants. This results in a feeling of looseness in the body, energy and effortlessness and new movements begin to emerge. The latter is often experienced as miraculous, because it is not the movement they had imagined, it feels like being moved. This own movement comes with bursts. And in the end it becomes a continuous stream in which we keep moving and see more and more of the actual reality. This is the essential engine of Next Level Learning through which we continue to learn in everything there is and we automatically reach Next Level Living & Working with others, or in terms of an organization, Next Level Effectiveness.

Next Level Effectiveness for organizations

The community model is a practical way for an organization to make the transition to Next Level Working. In technical terms you can achieve unbelievable effectiveness as an organization and you can get there practically as described below.

Anyone who has become familiar with Next Level Learning will no longer need a learning programme or sessions for 'applications' that are strongly related to him or herself, such as leadership, coaching, entrepreneurship, mediation, well-being, preventing burn-out, career services etc. A participant will thus start learning and developing in all applications as mentioned above simultaneously by starting with Next Level Learning, or practically by doing the workshop. And the participant will continue to learn automatically in all these applications throughout the rest of his life and continue to achieve the (transformative) results of Next Level Learning. No coach, trainer or manager has to do anything about it anymore.

Organizations can therefore offer many applications at the same time by offering one workshop as the start of Next Level Learning. For example, a participant who attends the workshop for the application to leadership learns and develops automatically also in the application entrepreneurship, career development and also improves his well-being and prevents burnout. Organizations that want to make the step to Next Level Effectiveness, can explore and experience Next Level Learning on a minimal scale and relatively low costs. Read more about this on the page ‘Partner in application and research’.

Actual excellence for Universities

A well-known saying is: "Education is the kindling of a flame and not the filling of a vessel." It essentially says what we expect from students and researchers; that they are enterprising, see problems of this century as a challenge, are inspired to take new paths, are innovative in research, can look beyond borders, are socially involved, can deal with changes, can look openly, etc. etc. Next Level Learning starts with students and researchers and not with the University, thus offering a transition to actual excellence from within as described below.

In university education and science, there is a double gain with Next Level Learning. Firstly, there are the personal results in the area of ​​psychological freedom and own movement, through which students and researchers learn and discover at the next level. And secondly, as described on the page about community, students and researchers with the community model can come together to Next Level Working. In practical terms, this means that even more can be discovered and observed together from the next level as if the effect of Next Level Learning is multiplied. And because students automatically continue to learn on the next level for the rest of their lives as described above, an enormous foundation has been laid for career services. For example, the workshops for students to start with Next Level Learning can easily be included in the curriculum as an elective course. This can easily be offered as an workshop or as independent learning. So there is no need to change the system and the way of teaching or research, this transition to excellence goes its own way and starts with the participants, the students and researchers who want to start with Next Level Learning. Read more about this on the page ‘Partner in application and research’.

Next Level Effectiveness for coaches and therapists

Participants who start with Next Level Learning in a personal development or treatment programme will automatically achieve results in the above three areas; psychological freedom, own movement and physical well-being. The coach, psychotherapist, trainer or body therapist can therefore fully focus on what is in addition required for the development or treatment of the participant. As a result, the coach or therapist will in many cases become much more effective and thus be able to serve many more clients or participants, such as for burnout, depression and many tension-related disorders and physical problems. Read more about this on the page ‘Partner in application and research’.

Research into potential impactful applications

There are many more impactful applications to be discovered, and in particular in the areas of ​​own movement and physical well-being as described above. It concerns people with, for example, a lot of (physical) tension, burnout, depression, extreme fatigue, physical disorders that are related to tension such as cramps, reduced functioning of the immune system, etc. For two potential highly impactful applications I have looked at what the effects of Next Level Learning might be. To study this further I have developed a 7-day transformative programme as a basis for a preliminary research. For those who want to become a partner in research for these impactful applications can read all about this on the ‘Partner in application and research’ page.