About CFUP

The text below is a draft translation from Dutch and still needs to be edited.

The Centre for unsolvable problems was founded in 2009 by Frans de Vlieger with the aim to research the functioning of the human psyche. The profile of the organization and its collaborations have changed several times since the start and as of 2016 Frans de Vlieger is an independent researcher again.

Frans de Vlieger MSc (1964)

Where it started

The starting point of my research to fathom the human psyche consisted of two questions. Are humans with their consciousness able to see the actual reality and the very nature of things? And can we really call ourselves free or is that freedom just an illusion? Both questions are answered by my research, which is based on the physical law of causality – cause and effect - and described in the book "Consciousness upgrade". On the page about this book you will find a summary of my research and the most important conclusions. The animations in the tool on this website that emerged from my research show that both answers to the questions I started with go hand in hand, namely when we see actual reality we are free. The tool and the book also show that a consciousness upgrade is required to achieve this and therefore this consciousness upgrade forms the basis for Next Level Learning.