Next Level Learning

Reinvent the 21st century university

This website originally aimed to show the results of research by independent researcher Frans de Vlieger on the functioning of the human psyche.

2 modes of our psyche – 2 different ways of learning

The main finding of this research is that we can distinguish two different modes of our psyche, two different ways of learning, and that it is possible to switch from one to the other.

Learning at the next level

If we can consciously switch between these two learning modes of our psyche, we reach a next level of learning that has previously been described in various ways, such as:
  • From linear learning to transformative learning
  • From learning from the egocentric perspective to learning from the perspective of the ‘whole’
  • From learning from the outside to Learning from the inside
  • From competence-oriented learning to sustainability-oriented learning

A possible answer to the challenges in this world

Learning at the next level is possibly the essential answer to the challenges we are facing in this world today for which we can not find solutions using the current ways of learning. Next Level Learning is learning at a different level than we are used to and goes beyond existing knowledge and theories. It involves learning things that do not yet exist and that are unimaginable. And yet most people recognize this. For example when we get a great idea in the shower that we wouldn’t get by thinking about it intensively for days. Or the way children just ‘play’ at the balance beam and learn new tricks out of nowhere using an energy from within. We have all experienced this way of learning sometime in our life. How to intentionally get ourselves into such a mode of learning however was for long considered to be the holy grail. But the development of the tool on this website might make this possible.

Tool for Next Level Learning

Insights from the research mentioned above have resulted in the development of a tool with which you can come to understand two different modes of your psyche, two different ways of learning, and a way you can switch from one to the other. Going through the tool only takes you 15 minutes. It is freely available on this website for personal use. The tool consists of two animations showing everything necessary to achieve Next Level Learning in a number of steps.

A shared perspective

Everyone looking at a specific issue, situation or case with Next Level Learning will see it from a shared perspective. Thus bringing together standpoints that would normally seem incompatible. You will find an example at the end of the tool about the way tensions and conflicts in the world can be solved with Next Level Learning. Through this shared perspective we can see new possibilities and real solutions in very complex issues.

Transformative result

With Next Level Learning we can let dissolve feelings and thoughts that are accompanied by tension such as guilt, rejection, fear, loneliness, compelling control, avoidance etc etc. This way we learn much easier and we have more free energy (because the tension in our body falls away too). The tool shows that through this we learn with body and mind, or in other words learning from within, as many who have had this experience express, as becoming one with oneself. This makes our psychic mode quiet independent of the circumstances, which is the essential basis for leadership in situations full of tension.

Towards the university of the 21st century

The end of the tool describes why university education seems to be the most promising place to start Next Level Learning. In many aspects, it ties in with the global movement 'Reinvent the 21st century university'. And of course, any institute can offer Next Level Learning as you can read on the 'About CVOP' page.

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