Next Level Learning

Consciousness upgrade for transition in the 21st century

Welcome to this website on Next Level Learning. A form of transformative learning that is not only meant to achieve learning at the next level, it also opens up a wide range of seemingly unrelated and unimaginable applications such as our physical well being, organisational effectiveness and excellence for universities. There is an easy way to start Next Level Learning with a workshop, find all the information you need on this website. On this page you will read all about the how and what of Next Level Learning and what it can achieve, but you may want to read about its applications first.

I am Frans de Vlieger, independent researcher, and this website was originally set up to show the results of my research into the functioning of the human psyche. On the page about the book 'Consciousness upgrade' you will find a summary of this research that led to Next Level Learning and why I think Next Level Learning is important for the future of all of us. For those interested in the origins and the why of Next Level Learning see 'About CFUP'.

2 modes of our psyche – 2 different ways of learning

The main finding of the research mentioned above is that we can distinguish two different modes of our psyche, two different ways of learning, and that it is possible to switch from one to the other. Practically we can achieve this in a number of simple steps with the help of an animation tool as described below.

An answer to the challenges in this 21st century

Anyone who uses Next Level Learning to look at a particular issue, situation or case will see it from a shared perspective. Thus bringing together viewpoints that usually seem incompatible. An example of this can be found at the end of the tool, about how to solve tensions and conflicts in the world with Next Level Learning. This shared perspective can help us to see new possibilities and actual solutions to very complex issues. In practical terms, this means, for example, that new openings and opportunities become visible when there is tension in the pursuit of an (unattainable) goal. The goal might be related to business in the form of entrepreneurship, collaboration, and restructuring, or related to your personal life in your relationship, your children, your own development, etc.

Transformative result

With Next Level Learning, we can dissolve feelings and thoughts that are accompanied with tension such as guilt, rejection, fear, loneliness, worries, compelling control, avoidance, etc. Dissolving these not only means that we learn much more easily, but also that we have more free energy (because the tension in our body also resolves). The tool shows that through this we learn with body and mind, or, as many who have experienced this express it, becoming one with ourselves. This creates inner stillness, independent of the circumstances. In practical terms, it means, for example, that we are more relaxed in our daily life and work, resulting in a greater feeling of being connected, inner freedom, peace, energy, liveliness, creativity, effortlessness, etc. This is probably the essential basis for leading ourselves and others through the transition and turbulence of this 21st century.

Tool for Next Level Learning

With this tool you can come to understand two different modes of your psyche, two different ways of learning, and a way you can switch from one to the other. Going through the tool only takes you 15 minutes. It is freely available on this website. The tool consists of two animations showing everything necessary to achieve Next Level Learning in a number of steps

Consciousness upgrade

Consciousness is the key to the transformative results that can be achieved with Next Level Learning. Communicating what we are conscious of sometimes seems impossible. Parents often experience this when they try to convey their insights to their teenage children. And when we are in a hurry and cannot find our keys, they sometimes turn out to be in a place we already looked. Consciousness is not the same as 'understanding' or 'seeing' with our mind. We understand when there is no consciousness, for example when we are asleep, but when there is consciousness, we don’t really know what it is we are conscious of, however strange this may sound. With Next Level Learning you get an insight into your own consciousness from a meta level perspective. This will enable you to see in what way you are limited by your own consciousness. And this will also explain why you do not see your keys when you are in a hurry and why teenagers cannot really hear their parents. By stepping beyond the boundaries of your own consciousness you will learn and discover on a next level. The tool shows extensively how this consciousness upgrade coincides with the switching between the different modes of our psyche.

New role for teachers, coaches, therapists and managers

When people have built up meta consciousness to some extent and look at the world with Next Level Learning, they will see it with new eyes. They will see what they have been blind to. In the example mentioned above keys become miraculously visible. In the same way a student, client or employee will see how he is stuck or trapped because of tension thanks to Next Level Learning. Becoming aware of this automatically takes place without any need for a teacher or coach to do anything. And because the client or employee will be able to really 'hear' the coach or manager because of Next Level Learning - the way teenagers can suddenly hear their parents - it becomes more important for teachers, coaches, therapists and managers to formulate what they see beyond (the boundaries of) the other persons consciousness. This can have huge implications for their role. What they observe in the other person is different from what they think of him. The tool shows how this works to some extent and the book 'Consciousness upgrade' elaborates on this in much more detail. It also explains how to practice observation beyond the other’s persons consciousness or your own consciousness. For those who want to understand better what this means, I offer workshops ‘Observing as an outsider’ and for those who want to professionalize themselves in this there is a master programme 'Transition to freedom'.

Transformation and transition

You can start with Next Level Learning by doing the exercises with the tool as mentioned at the end of it. You have to do this together with others to build up meta-consciousness. In essence this is not difficult but it is rather contra intuitive and that makes it necessary to have some guidance. The workshop "Observing as an outsider" has been developed especially for this purpose. After this workshop you can continue with Next Level Learning by yourself with a little help of the Community for Next Level Learning, as almost everyone needs others to occasionally repeat the exercises with the tool to remain at, or get back to, the next level. And with that, the results of Next Level Learning as described above become available in every moment of daily life.

And for those who, for example, want to offer a learning, development, design, or creative programme based on Next Level Learning in one of the many application areas as described on the page about applications or want to guide others in this, there is the master programme 'Transition to freedom.

Next Level Lifelong Learning

As we continue to learn, discover, create, research and develop at the next level automatically with Next Level Learning, it is also extremely suitable as a basis for education and science at the university and as the tool shows it is ideal to start with an elective course as a first step towards the university of the 21st century, in the original sense of the word university, "community to learn together". A Community for Next Level Learning in which everyone can participate is already there.