Next Level Learning

Consciousness upgrade for transition in the 21st century

Next Level Learning is a kind of transformative learning of which the results and the way it works as described below are essentially unimaginable until you have experienced or seen it for yourself. It is like with the computer that originated when we were still using typewriters. The full scope of applications was essentially unimaginable as we now know it on our smartphone. The scope of applications is a journey of discovery that is constantly expanding and you can read all about it on the applications page 'A journey of discovery'. There you will also find a learning programme to experience Next Level Learning for yourself or have a look at it from a professional (scientific) perspective.

This website was originally set up to show the results of research by researcher Frans de Vlieger into the functioning of the human psyche. On the page about the book 'Consciousness upgrade' you will find a summary of this research that led to Next Level Learning and why I think Next Level Learning is important for the future of all of us, much more than the computer. For those interested in the origins and the why of Next Level Learning see 'About CFUP'.

2 modes of our psyche – 2 different ways of learning

This website originally aimed to show the results of research by independent researcher Frans de Vlieger on the functioning of the human psyche. The main finding of this research is that we can distinguish two different modes of our psyche, two different ways of learning, and that it is possible to switch from one to the other. Practically we can achieve this in a number of simple steps with the help of an animation tool as described below.

An answer to the challenges in this 21st century

Everyone looking at a specific issue, situation or case with Next Level Learning will see it from a shared perspective. Thus bringing together standpoints that would normally seem incompatible. You will find an example at the end of the tool about the way tensions and conflicts in the world can be solved with Next Level Learning. Through this shared perspective we can see new possibilities and real solutions in very complex issues. Practically this means, for example, that new openings and possibilities become visible when there is tension in aiming at an (unattainable) goal, both businesslike in, for example, entrepreneurship, cooperation, re-organizations, and personally in your relationship, with children, in your own development etc. etc.

Transformative result

With Next Level Learning we can let dissolve feelings and thoughts that are accompanied by tension such as guilt, rejection, fear, loneliness, compelling control, avoidance etc etc. This way we learn much easier and we have more free energy (because the tension in our body falls away too). The tool shows that through this we learn with body and mind, or in other words learning from within, as many who have had this experience express, as becoming one with oneself. This creates inner stillness, independent of the circumstances. Practically this means, for example, that there is (more) relaxation in daily life and work and with that (more) feeling of being connected, inner freedom, peace, energy, liveliness, creativity, effortlessness etc. etc. This is probably the essential basis for leading ourselves and others in the transition and through the turbulence of this 21st century.

Tool for Next Level Learning

With this tool you can come to understand two different modes of your psyche, two different ways of learning, and a way you can switch from one to the other. Going through the tool only takes you 15 minutes. It is freely available on this website. The tool consists of two animations showing everything necessary to achieve Next Level Learning in a number of steps

Consciousness upgrade

Consciousness is a difficult concept to understand. Communicating the contents of our consciousness sometimes seems impossible, like parents often experience when they share there insights with their teenage children. Or if we are in a hurry and cannot find our keys, sometimes they turn out to be in a place where we had already looked. Consciousness is therefore something different than 'understanding' or 'seeing' with our mind. We know when we have no consciousness, for example when we are asleep, but if we do have consciousness, we do not really know what we are conscious of, however strange this may sound. With Next Level Learning you get a view of your own consciousness from a meta level perspective by which you are going to see how you are limited by your own consciousness. And then you also understand why you do not see your keys when you are in a hurry and why teenagers cannot really hear their parents. By going beyond the boundaries of your own consciousness you will learn and discover on a next level. How this consciousness upgrade coincides with the switching of our psyche shows the tool extensively.

New role for teachers, coaches, therapists and managers

If people have built up meta consciousness to some extent and look at the world with Next Level Learning, they will see it with new eyes. They will see what they were blind for, as in the aforementioned example, keys become miraculously visible. For example, a student, client or employee with Next Level Learning sees his own tension obstacles. This awareness automatically takes place without any need for a teacher or coach to do anything for it. And because the client or employee can 'hear' the coach or manager with Next Level Learning, just like parents who suddenly can be heard, it becomes more important that teachers, coaches, therapists and managers can indicate what they see beyond the consciousness of the other person. And this changes their role enormously. What you observe of the other person is different from what you think about the other person, that is what the tool already shows and the book 'Consciousness upgrade' goes into this in detail and in particular how you can practice observing. For those who want to get more feel for what this means, I offer workshops and for those who want to professionalize themselves in this there is a programme 'Transition to freedom'.

How do you give wings to yourself and to others

You can start with Next Level Learning by building up meta consciousness with the tool. This is not difficult, but it is very unnatural and that makes it much easier in practice to start with others and some guidance. With the 'Transition to freedom' programme you can go much further and the results of Next Level Learning as described above can be reached in every moment of daily life. You can also guide others in this and offer a learning, development or discovery programme based on Next Level Learning. For participants of a learning or development programme the major change is the start with building up meta consciousness in a few half day sessions. For the teacher, trainer, coach, therapist, etc., their role changes as described above. In learning and development programmes related to yourself such as leadership, coaching, welfare, therapy, mediation, entrepreneurship etc. the number of required sessions will decrease to a fraction and the result as described above will reach much further in comparioson with what we can achieve with our 'normal' way of learn.

Next Level Lifelong Learning

Once we become aware what the consciousness upgrade does to us, we automatically continue to learn, discover and develop. This makes Next Level Learning very suitable as a basis for education and science at the university and, as the tool shows, it is ideal to start with an elective course as a first step towards the university of the 21st century.