Reinvent the 21st century university

This website shows the results of research by the independent researcher Frans de Vlieger on the functioning of the human psyche.

2 modes of our psyche – 2 different ways of learning

The main finding of this research is that we can distinguish two different modes of our psyche, two different ways of learning, and that it is possible to move from one to another.

Learning at the next level

If we can consciously switch between these two learning modes of our psyche we reach a next level of learning which is both fundamental to, and a practical implementation of, what has already been described in various ways as: (in brackets the previous level of learning)
  • Transformative learning (linear learning)
  • Learning from the perspective of the ‘whole’ (learning from the egocentric perspective)
  • Learning from the inside (learning from the outside)
  • Sustainability-oriented learning (competence-oriented learning)

A possible answer to the challenges in this world

For the challenges we are facing in this world today, we will need to learn at a different level to come to real solutions. Because the way we are learning today will only bring us more of what we already have. It doesn’t involve taking in existing knowledge and theories. It involves learning something that does not yet exist and that is unimaginable. And yet, most of us experience this every day in the way we get a great idea in the shower that we don’t get by thinking about it intensively for days. Or the way children just ‘play’ at the balance beam and learn new tricks out of nowhere using an energy from within. We have all experienced this way of learning sometime in our life. How to intentionally get ourselves into such a mode of learning however was for long considered to be the holy grail. But the development of the tool on this website might make this possible.

Tool for Next Level Learning

Insights from the research mentioned above has led to the development of a tool with which you can come to understand two different modes of your psyche, two different ways of learning, and a way you can go from one to the other. Going through the tool only takes you 15 minutes. It is freely available at this website. The tool consists of two animations and after doing these you can start learning on the next level with the help of a tutorial. Feedback will be used to further enhance the tool.

Tutorial for Next Level Learning

Originally the tutorial was set up as a practical guide for group facilitatiors and trainers in Next Level Learning. This soon became a living document that is constantly being supplemented or adjusted in response to advancing insight, and not only for facilitatiors, but also for directors, project managers and anyone involved in the design of a practical framework for, for example, a university where Next Level Learning is applied in both education and research. In addition, the tutorial is very useful for those who want to practice in Next Level Learning. The tutorial is only available in Dutch.

Reinvent the 21st century university

If we can consciously switch between the two learning modes, unprecedented possibilities and a wide range of applications come into view. The most promising area’s are education, business and science which all seem to come together in the global movement ‘Reinvent the 21st century university’. Any organisation or researcher in these area’s that wants to team up and explore a practical framework for Next Level Learning with the use of this tool is welcome to contact me.

Warm regards, Frans de Vlieger